Redefining Yourself

Exploring some of the ways that you can redefine what you think that you are capable of in life and to explore the possibilities of trying new things to strengthen your body, mind, and soul is life affirming. Day to day life can sometimes get in the way of what you think that you are capable of doing. Very often, people lose sight of the bigger picture of life by getting caught up in the everyday tasks that we all have to do such as going to the job for 40 or more hours per week or taking care of the children or other family members or running the daily errands such as grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning. Sometimes we forget to live our lives outside of the daily routine. Some of the excuses we tell ourselves include:

Living and enjoying your life by trying something new can reshape your thinking about your life and yourself. Some ways to expand and alter your preconceived boundaries require that you try new activities that will challenge you. No one is judging how well you perform an activity. Just trying and going for it are all that is required.

Activities such as cycling, running, or scuba diving can energize your life by taking you outside of your comfort zone and providing a sense of accomplishment once you have mastered them. Running is a great way to get physically fit and enjoy being outdoors and the beaches of California offer the perfect climate for running some of the best 5K or 10K events around. Cycling is also a fantastic way to get strong and go longer distances, especially in California where we have numerous bike paths to choose from to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand while riding with an ocean breeze along the coast. Surfing or Stand Up Paddleboarding are also activities that are physically challenging and offer a rewarding experience of being out on the ocean and mastering a new skill and gaining balance and strength to stand on the board. Scuba diving requires a classes to learn the necessary skills for diving with equipment out in the ocean to keep you safe. It also has a great reward of learning the requirements for diving and using the gear, passing a few physical tests, and finally exploring a beautiful world under the surface of the sea. Joining team sports such as a beach volleyball organization, such as CBVA, can afford a sense of camaraderie and being part of a team effort out on the beach. Yoga on the beach is a way to quiet the mind and strengthen the body in a beautiful setting in classes offered in many beach cities along the California coast. The site is good resource for locating spots along the coast for running, cycling, beach volleyball, and more

We offer a variety of information about several activities that may broaden your horizons and stretch your expectations of yourself and ultimately, redefine what you think your limitations are in life. Enjoy and thank you for visiting.